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Introduction to LMS

Introduction to LMS

by Jaloliddin Yusupov -
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Dear Preparatory Year Students,

Finally, let me introduce to you the new LMS.  The Learning Management System (LMS) provides educators across all levels with a highly functional, flexible, and interoperable digital learning solution through open-source technology. The platform was customized by me in one day, so there are many things to do during these days. You may not find much material here, but we will populate the portal until the end of the week. In the meantime, sign in and stay tuned.

Students are required to use the following pattern to access the LMS

LMS Student Credentials Pattern
Username: [student id]
Password:  [(capital letter) student id]+[#polito]+[first capital letter of your Name]+[first capital letter of your Surname]

e.g., Jaloliddin Yusupov s210746   
Username: u210746
Password: U210746#politoJY